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Strata -      Making your property complex look its best

We are proud to offer our strata customers the highest-quality service for landscape management. We work with our clients to develop a plan that is well suited to your property; and then follow the plan diligently.  GroundsPRO takes great pleasure in exceeding the expectations of our customers and doing all of our work excellently and always with a smile.


Some of the services we offer commercial locations include:      


  •      Lawn and Turf Maintenance             

  •      Bed Maintenance and Mulch             

  •      Pruning             

  •      Spring and Fall Clean-Up             

  •      Snow & Ice Management             

  •      Pest and Weed Control             

  •      Fertilization and Turf Enhancements

Choose the Lawn Care Company that Cares

GroundsPRO is comprised of values-based professionals, which means we operate at the highest levels of excellence, integrity, and care. Our clients trust us to take care of their grounds, and we take that trust seriously—we offer services that attend to every detail of your land’s appearance, from raking leaves in the fall to rejuvenating your garden beds after the winter.


Our goal is to provide the highest-quality service in the industry, exceeding our customers’ expectations with our care, our methods, our technology, and our results. Each employee is highly-trained in both landscaping and customer care, putting your needs first. We live by a code of respect and helpful attitude, and that’s what you can expect from us every time we show up. 

Management Assistance

By having out team regularly servicing your properties, you are able to leverage the eyes and ears of our team to give you fast feedback on your properties; helping you do a better job of managing your property with less effort on your part.


"Attention: Main St. Property

In the north-east corner of the property we have noticed the reminds of a small squatters camp in the shrubs.  We have removed the debris left there, and further steps might need to be taken to keep this area clear; possibly including aggressive trimming of the shrubs to open up this area, and better lighting on this side.."

Great Communication

We know that your business is held together by great communication.  For this reason we have built our communications standards to complement your business.  

Weekly Service Updates

Each week you will receive a service update listing the work that was done and outlining any problems that were encountered.  


Monthly Property Inspection and Report

At the end of each month our Operations Manager will perform a careful evaluation of your property. A report assessing the health of the turf, bed plants and trees; monitoring for levels of pests and weeds and looking for signs of sprinkler malfunctions will be provided. The report will also outline what our action plan is for your site for the next month, so you know what is coming up.

Our Commitment

Commitment to Excellence:


Our undergirding principle is excellence in all we do.  From sharply trimmed edges, to neatly cleaned walkways and beds; we are not satisfied until our work properly reflects our company.


Commitment to Consistent Service:


We structure each visit in an organized and systematic way as to provide the same high quality of service every time.  We do this through the use of our mobile management system that tracks all tasks being performed.

Commitment to Client Delight:


We strive to delight our clients at each visit.  From a warm smile and friendly greeting, to a few extra minute to help a tenant move something heavy or just taking the extra time to carefully clean off the dust bunny from the entrance mat.  We actively seek for the chance to delight.

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Management Assistance
Great Communication
Our Commitment
Abbotsford Airport Authority
"We are very pleased to have GroundsPRO with us, and look forward to a long relationship."
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